Action groups

As a reference site, the Region of Southern Denmark is together with its coalition partners active in several action groups covering all three pillars in the EIP on AHA covering five action groups and one synergy.

  • A2: Personalised health management: Fall Prevention,
  • A3: Prevention of functional decline and frailty,
  • B3: Integrated Care for chronic diseases, including remote monitoring at regional level,
  • C2: Interoperable independent living solutions and
  • D4: Age friendly buildings, cities and environments

The commitments in brief can be found here. And they have also been uploaded to the EIP on AHA repository of innovative practices.

Synergy – eMental Health

The Region of Southern Denmark has together with Odense University Hospital suggested a new synergy that cuts across all action groups. This synergy focus on eMental Health and how innovative services can curb the health and social care expenditure. The Region is leading a European CIP project, Mastermind, and the core partners behind the project support the synergy. Once approved, work will be conducted to collect the partners behind this initiative and draft action plans etc.

A2 Personalised health management

In the A2 action group, the Region has together with the South Denmark European Office been responsible for creating an inventory of relevant activities with a potential for transfer regarding: Raising awareness and delivering information, and successful public health and social marketing strategies, including events and campaigns to share experience and practical tips. We will continue this work as well as hosting workshops in Bruxelles within the DACOB network ( to European regions in regards to implementing and upscaling innovative technological solutions and sharing of good practices. If you would like more information about the work shops, please contact Henriette Hansen.

A3 Prevention of functional decline and frailty

In the A3 action group, the University of Southern Denmark is participating in a project where focus is on the prevention of frailty in 80+ year old community-dwelling citizens. Focus will be to study the effect of exercise and nutrition in the elderly population. The results of the project will be communicated both during research circles and through the EIP on AHA network.

B3 Integrated care

In the B3 action group, the Region of Southern Denmark has commitments covering dissemination activities within innovation in health and social care through the hosting of large events, such as the Week of Health and Innovation which will support the transferring of experiences across Europe and at the same time be a platform to showcase the Region of Southern Denmark as a reference site.

In the EU project ACT@Scale, the Region is a partner and through this project focus will be on dissemination of innovative services in active and healthy ageing. This will be done in collaboration with all partners as well as Philips who will be leading the project. In addition to knowledge sharing and dissemination activities, focus will be on monitoring the effect of integrated care services for the elderly population.

Though services implemented in integrated care pathways a study is currently underway documenting the effect of ICT and integrated care pathways. This will not only be documented through MAFEIP in the EIP on AHA, but also by the use of MAST. The results will be available through the EU project SmartCare.

Just recently a national initiative was launched to implement and deploy monitoring solutions for COPD patients, thus improving the quality of life, and prevention of hospitalisation. The service was initiated this year and will be part of a larger national programme. During the life-span of the project, innovative procurement will be utilized making the work in this programme a part of the C2 action group as well.

C2: Interoperable independent living solutions

Together with regional and national players in the field of  public-private innovation (PPI) and PCP (pre-commercial procurement), the Region of Southern Denmark has developed guidelines for public-private partnerships. The guide can be found here. Together with learnings from the EU project SILVER, the Region focus its efforts in the action group established regarding Innovative Procurement. The involvement in the working group is coordinated by Allan Ottesen at the South Denmark European Office.

D4: Age friendly buildings, cities and environments

In D4 action group, the University of Southern Denmark has together with the Region submitted a proposal to study the inequality in health and physical inactivity among seniors. The project will provide evidence on how to support and promote physical activity and healthy lifestyle through age friendly planning of local environments. The results will be disseminated in scientific articles and will be followed closely in order for the results to feed into the work of D4 – Smart Living Environments.