Reference site

The Region of Southern Denmark together with its supporting partners is a four-star reference site for active and healthy ageing.

The coalition coverage and partners supporting the application and reference site consist of the quadruple helix: Academia (University of Southern Denmark – Institute of Sports Science and Clinical Biomechanics, University College Lillebaelt, University College Syd, CIMT – Center for Innovative Medicine and Technology), Industry & Clusters (Welfare Tech, Healthcare DENMARK, Enterprise Europe Network, MedCom), Health care providers (the Region of Southern Denmark, Odense University Hospital) and the Citizens (CoLab Denmark). The reference site is furthermore supported through European Connected Health Alliance and participation in the Reference Site Collaborative Network. See Letter of Intent signed here and an overview of the eco-system here.

4.1.1. ECOsystem

The EIP on AHA activities and commitments are coordinated by the Health Innovation Centre of Southern Denmark. The Centre is the entry to the Region of Southern Denmark when it comes to innovation in the health and social care sector. Established in 2012, the Centre focuses on bringing quality, good working conditions, efficiency and growth to the health and social sector through innovation.

Since 2008, the Region of Southern Denmark has had a Smart Specialisation Strategy (S3), which is a strategic approach to economic development through targeted support for research and innovation. The strategy is well in line with the Commission’s overall growth strategy, EU 2020. Health and social innovation is one of three focus areas in the region’s S3, which falls in line with the focus area of healthy living and active ageing in the European Innovation Partnership.

The Region has continued to invest in innovation in the health and care sector. In the document  EIPonAHA and the Region of Southern Denmark-FEB16, the Region describes investments and deployment of innovation that will follow in the new period of the partnership.


The Region of Southern Denmark has together with its partners in the EIP on AHA application sent in eight commitments that covers all three pillars of the EIP on AHA. The participation in the five actions groups covered are: Action Group A2: Personalised health management: Fall Prevention, Action Group A3: Prevention of functional decline and frailty, Action Group B3: Integrated Care for chronic diseases, including remote monitoring at regional level, Action Group C2: Interoperable independent living solutions and Action Group D4: Age friendly buildings, cities and environments. A short description of the commitments can be found here.